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15 Non-Touristy Things to Do in NYC this Summer

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15 Non-Touristy Things to Do in NYC this Summer

While we don’t take much time off in the summer, we occasionally like to get out and enjoy the great weather since New York City doesn’t grant it to us for most of the year. We searched Groupon’s NYC page high and low to find the coolest things to do this summer that aren’t designed to scam tourists.


Gelato-Making Class | $61


What’s better than gelato on a hot, summer day? Ice cream you say? Okay maybe, but gelato is a close second. This two-hour class leaves you with a basic understanding of how to make gelato and also four pints of your favorite flavor to bring home.

If you can’t finish the four pints, we’ll gladly take them off your hand. Just gives us a time and place and we’ll be there to finish it for you.

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Wine Tasting | $189 for 2 people

wine tour

Sometimes underrated and forgotten, Long Island is a great place to be for the summer. From the beaches to the wineries, it can be entertaining for people of all ages.

If you’re into wine, music and “tastings,” this Groupon will take you to three Long Island wineries on Saturdays and Sundays.


Acting Class | $30

acting class

Classes don’t have to be boring, right? The New York Acting School for Film and Television is offering introductory acting classes for people to live out their Hollywood dreams.

Los Angeles is cool and all for all their movies and celebrities but at least we can claim Broadway!

Intro to Digital Marketing Crash Course | $14.25

digital marketing

If you’re looking to learn something valuable this summer, this may be the Groupon for you. Digital marketing is vital in today’s world so getting formally introduced to it may not be the worst idea.

We can’t get believe the $14.25 price point but we just hope the extra .25 cents they get from each order makes them happy.

Basketball Training | $119 for 6 people

basketball class

If we were making our decision based on the picture they include, there isn’t a shot in hell that we’d consider signing up but luckily for them, that’s not how we make our decisions.

Although this Groupon takes place on Long Island, it’s never a bad idea to get some (semi-)professional advice from a basketball coach. We’re not expecting to come out of it shooting like Carmelo Anthony but we hope some may confuse us for members of the Brooklyn Nets which is completely feasible.


“Sunset Fridays” Rooftop Happy Hour | $4.75

happy hour

Hudson Terrace is one of the prestige rooftop bars in NYC so when you tell us that we can listen to hip-hop at a 2-hour open bar with a VIP ticket, we’re interested.

Just remember to have “Bring Em Out” by T.I. on when we walk in, thanks.

NYC’s Saturday Dance Party | $10

dance party

Webster Hall is always a great time, except when your friends are getting kicked out on Halloween in Crayola crayon costumes for tripping up the stairs…that’s a story for another day though.

The East Village venue has been host to tons and tons of great musicians and, on Saturday’s, it hosts a dance party which sounds sick.

Hot97 and Power105 Booze Cruise | $39

booze cruise

We weren’t sure if we had to mention it, but if you see “booze” or alcohol in any of our recommended things to do in NYC this summer, please only do it if you’re 21. Now that that’s cleared up, this sounds awesome.

We’re always bumping the latest Future or Migos drop through these 2 stations but we’d much rather do it on a boat in New York City.

New York Comedy Club: Roast Battle | $19

roast battle

What’s better than watching people make fun of other people? Doing it after 5 shots of Ciroc.

The New York Comedy Club is well-respected and has made people spit out their drinks for over 25 years.


New York Mets | $18

mets game

Personally, we’re huge Yankees fans but Groupon only had Mets tickets for sale so we had to include it. You know, since the Yankees are the best franchise in North American sports and don’t need Groupon to help them sell tickets and everything.

If hot dogs and beers are your thing, you can’t go wrong at Citi Field.

Escape Room | $22

escape room

We’ve never tried something like this but have always been inclined to do so. This might be the summer we do it because the reviews for Mission Escape Games are off the charts.

They base their escape game off Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and even though it’s not Halloween, it still sounds dope.


Downtown Liberty Cruise | $17

statue of liberty

Look, we know we said non-touristy things but is it so wrong to appreciate the fact that you’re from the greatest city in the world once in a while?

Take a boat under the Brooklyn Bridge and right by the Statue of Liberty with this intriguing Groupon.

The Ride: The Downtown Experience | $38.25

the ride

Ever see those weird one-sided buses that have stadium-like seats? This is one of those.

Apparently they give you a virtual reality set so you can experience what NY was like centuries ago which we think is a great idea, even for the native New Yorker.

The Skyscraper Museum | $8.25 for 5 people

the skyscraper museum

Like we mentioned before, we love New York. We also love the towering skyscrapers that we often underappreciate due to the sheer volume of them.

The Skyscraper Museum showcases many of NYC’s prime buildings we love and the technology behind them.

Helicopter Tour | $209

helicopter tour

We saved the best for last. You can eat in New York, dance in New York, play in New York and ride around in New York but we bet that flying over New York is the coolest of them all.

Heights aren’t our favorite thing but we’re willing to get over our fears for something like this.


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