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- Our Mission -

To provide motivation, knowledge & subconscious nutrition to entrepreneurs.

- About Us -

At Proprietor Lifestyle, we’re here to give entrepreneurs the right mindset needed to live life on their own terms. Whether it’s moving out of your mom’s basement, marrying the boy/girl of your dreams, making $100,000 a year or owning a private jet, it all starts with your mindset.


Defining what lifestyle you want to live is the first step and once you have that figured out, it’s on to consistently thinking about how to get there and that’s where we come in. We break through all the noise on the internet to deliver forward-thinking pieces of content that’ll help you get there.


Let’s unite in success.

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Proprietor TV


Entrepreneurship has never been as popular or cool as it is in today's age of social media but the dark side is often neglected. Our web series, 'Proprietor Chronicles,' follows our owner Steven on his journey to financial freedom and gives an inside look at the highs and lows of living life on your own terms.

Proprietor Academy


Proprietor Academy was created by Proprietor Lifestyle after we realized that too many people weren't enjoying their life. These courses have helped us get in the right mindset so we want to share that information with the world.

Proprietor Clothes


Clothing designed for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs. Our limited merch releases are available every three months and harness that quarter's mindset through clothes.