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The Brain of The Jewelry Plug On Experimenting, Time Management & More

the jewelry plug

The Brain of The Jewelry Plug On Experimenting, Time Management & More

We got a chance to talk to the brains of The Jewelry Plug, a premium jewelry designer, about his thoughts on entrepreneurship, time management and more:

How did you enter the world of entrepreneurship?

When I was a younger kid, my father use to own a mechanic shop and had a ton of tools. As I grew older and began playing basketball in my yard daily, I noticed a ton of tools from the past that belonged to him. I actually still remember being excited for him to come home that day to ask him if he would allow me to sell his old stuff online. Of course, he said yes and, fortunately, he told me if I could actually sell the tools, he would allow me to keep all the money.

My parents are more old school and never really understood the power of the internet up until now, when they see their son practically making more money than themselves. And just in case you were wondering, I did actually sell all the tools on eBay and made a bit above $2,000 (that was a ton of money when I was 13 years old). However, looking back at it, I sold those tools for extremely cheap to make quick sales, and could have made well over $8,000~ if I actually took the time to understand the market.

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What business ventures are you currently working on?

My current business ventures mainly includes expanding my current brand. I envision it to be a one stop shop for all types of accessories. Currently, we only offer necklaces and bracelets, but we will soon offer backpacks, sunglasses, watches, etc.

Who taught you the ropes of your industry?

The entrepreneurship community is filled with self-proclaimed ‘gurus’ and not too many of them can be trusted. However, I have a few that I love to listen to. Tai Lopez gets a ton of hate from a majority of the community due to his annoying ads, but that man has great value. Gary Vee is another man I go to when I start to feel lazy with my work. Lastly, MJ DeMarco had the greatest influence on me with my entrepreneurship path. His book ‘The Millionaire Fastlane’ is what made me devote 100% of my efforts into entrepreneurship and is a must read for anyone looking to get into the field.

What obstacles have you run into when starting a business and how’d you overcome them?

Entrepreneurship seems like a piece of cake from an outsiders perspective. “That guy makes a ton of money and barely does any work!” That actually might be the complete opposite of what it is because in reality, entrepreneurship is harder than a 9-5 job. It’s basically having homework and assignments that you have to hand in to yourself for the rest of your life.

My biggest obstacle during my business venture was the fact that I practically worked 24 hours a day. My business is operated through my phone and my laptop, and when customers inquire, I respond. Dealing with customers can be extremely stressful and I found it extremely difficult to not respond to them constantly since I loved making sales. For instance, I would be out with my friends enjoying my night, and a customer would send a message inquiring about a purchase or even an angry customer would message me asking for a refund. This would totally ruin my vibe while I was out having fun with friends.

However, just recently I overcame this by setting myself specific hours of the day where I would look at my emails/sales accounts. Once those hours are done, I basically zone out and enjoy my day without having the constant worry about my customers inquiries. During the times I have off, I also hired a freelancer to handle my customer service section of my business which was an extreme help for automating my business.

What has been the most frustrating and rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship for you personally?

My frustrations can relate to any entrepreneur, the beginning is brutal and it is really nothing else but a grind. Long hours, hard work, and not a ton of profit to back my work up. Even today, a year from the start of my current brand, we still have bad days in terms of sales but it’s enough for me to live comfortably without worries of my finance.

In terms of rewards, I achieved what basically every entrepreneur wants, passive income. I make money in my sleep, while I’m hanging out with friends, and most of the time before I leave a meal, that meal is already paid for. That itself is what I always dreamt of and in my eyes, I’m just getting started.

If you could give one piece of advice to other young entrepreneurs, what would it be?

The best piece of advice I could give to young entrepreneurs is to experiment with everything. I never knew my current niche would work, I just took a chance and wanted to see where it would bring me. I’ve had plenty of failed ventures in the past including clothing companies, reselling of exclusive clothing, and other drop-shipping businesses as well. Its not that these niches and ideas don’t work, because these very same methods made millions for others, it’s just that it did not work for myself. I believe everyone has to experiment and find what works for themselves. What works for another person doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for yourself.

Where can we learn more about your business?

We offer premium quality designer jewelry pieces. Our designs are clean, the look is fresh, and most importantly, the quality itself is second to none. We offer extremely competitive prices to make our pieces affordable to just about anyone.

You can check us out at

Instagram: @shoptjp



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