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Dating a New York Woman 101

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dating a new york woman 101

Dating a New York Woman 101

New Yorkers are an interesting lot. Mostly because of their focus on their careers, they tend to be thought of as power hungry or very ambitious. However, in reality, they fear loneliness; and so they turn to bars hoping to meet singles like themselves. Being a New Yorker means first preference is given to career, although in reality these people are looking for that special someone who they can share their life with. They are neither snobbish nor easy-to-commit sort of people. They find committing to someone extremely hard.

New York has a corner for everyone. You can roam in arcades, bowling alleys, and pool halls for fun dating/outings. Colleges for intellectual pursuits, gyms for those who want to experience physical fitness together, parks for romantic walks and spoken word lounges to treat that deep intellectual and spiritual craving.

When it comes to thinking of fun night date ideas, you shouldn’t settle for mediocre. It’s not just getting to know your girl better. You’re supposed to have loads of fun as well.

The possibilities are endless: You can got to an amusement park, have an old-fashioned picnic, visit the art museum or even spend the night under the stars. These are simple ideas that promise romance and excitement. With a little originality and imagination, every date can be an entire affair to remember.

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For Specific spots, Ace Bar in East Village is the place for a fun get-out/date. For something more formal, you can choose “The Water Club and Manhattan Grille.” However, if you want to choose formal and Italian then Brunelli’s is the place to go. If you just want to sit down and have a nice conversation “Leisure sort-of-date,” then you can visit Central Park or Washington Square Park.

Bars are not a romantic option to choose from however, if you want to go for a musical date then there are many bars and clubs that can make your date a sweet musical affair. Some of the best clubs are in Midtown, The Lower East side, The Knitting Factory and TriBeCa.

If it’s the classical arts your date craves, then bring her to the New York Philharmonic or The Metropolitan Opera. And for a fascinating afternoon, drop by Union Square – bookstores, costume stores and music stores galore.

However, if you are running low on cash and cannot afford to treat your partner to an expensive date then take her on a ride to Staten Island Ferry at sunset. The scenery is magical and beautiful. Feel the sun’s rays and the wind’s blow on the face. Take her hand and talk to her or just hold her hand while you both enjoy the nature and beauty around you.

However, you must keep in mind the following elements when thinking of fun date ideas:

  • Give an element of surprise as this adds spice to your date and will overwhelm your girl making her notice that you are one thrilling, exciting and caring guy to be with. Girls love surprises.
  • Unleash your creative side; It is time to make your imagination work. Sometimes things happen beyond your control (for example bad weather during your date) so come up with witty ideas to enjoy the moment. It will keep your girl at ease and glad that she’s is in good hands.
  • Lastly, do not keep things according to your preferences only. Make sure that what you do interests the both of you. Hey! That brought you together in the first place. So, play the part of a sensitive guy and satisfy both your needs.

Have a great date, Proprietor!


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