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Delegation: It’s Time to Stop Doing It by Yourself

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Delegation: It’s Time to Stop Doing It by Yourself

As entrepreneurs, many of us believe that we can do everything and do everything the best. This results in us dotting our “i’s” and crossing our “t’s” when we could be developing our business in other areas. We struggle to delegate work as we’re nervous that an employee won’t put in the effort or give us the result we’re looking for.

We wonder how someone else can edit the pictures exactly like we do when they took three semesters of calculus in college. We worry about the quality of their blog post since they only learned Microsoft Excel in their previous internship. We nervously walk into our restaurant after trusting an employee to close the store after doing it ourself for over three years.

The worrying ends today.

Trust us, we know how hard it is to delegate work when you’ve done all of it independently up to this point. Not only have you done it independently, but it’s been mildly successful. Key word, mildly.

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Business could be going well for you right now but not as well as it could be if you had been delegating some of your work to others. Delegation allows you to think about the long-term vision of your company and plan your next moves.

We won’t call the work you delegate to employees “dirty work” because it sounds derogatory but it’s the work that you can afford to have someone else do. Essentially, it’s you paying for time to focus on the “clouds.

Before you do this, you must accept three things:

  1. Nobody treats your things like they treat their own
  2. It won’t be as quick as you doing it yourself (unless you’re a 70-year old hiring a millennial)
  3. It won’t be done 100% correct

Again, we know it’s not easy but neither is constructing a successful business.

That picture may not have been edited as perfectly as you normally edit it but you had the time to go take 50 new ones. That blog post may not have met the deadline but you created an entire new category that’ll bring in 2,000 new unique visitors a month. Your restaurant may not have been in immaculate condition when you enter in the morning but you got the eight hours of sleep you needed to feel refreshed.

Like we mentioned in our The Concept of Free article, nothing is actually free. Even if you do all of your work “for free,” you’re still sacrificing something. So go ahead and start delegating some of your everyday work and focus more on the long-term as opposed to the short-term.


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