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One Entrepreneur’s Outlook on College

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One Entrepreneur’s Outlook on College

From a young age, most of us have it embedded in our minds that in order to succeed, we must get good grades in school to get into a good college and ultimately secure a good job. Fortunately for us, it’s 2017 and this isn’t the only option anymore.

Let’s cut to the chase, school wasn’t built for entrepreneurs. We know this by now as school was built to preach obedience and produce workers once the four years were over. Instead of learning how to apply for an LLC, how to legally hire your first employee and where to open your first store, you learn about the same historical events for the third time in your life, memorize seemingly an infinite number of pointless formulas and spend countless hours stressing over your exams.

Once out, you enter the work field and spend (most of) the rest of your life working for somebody else, making them more successful at the expense of your time and sanity. The system is broken and some are starting to realize that the scam many call college may not be around for many more generations.

Think about it; we have ALL the information available within a few taps on the screen of the gadget in our pocket as billion dollar universities do. Therefore, access to information is no longer a problem. In a field such as technology that is changing every minute, there’s no way courses can keep up with the speed of it. However, search Google or Twitter for “changed Facebook algorithm” and learn more about it in ten minutes than you will in four months of lecture. Mandatory textbooks cost $200 because of the “access code” meanwhile the entire text can be found online for free.

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Colleges are taking a bat to young adults’ knees before we’ve even learned to crawl. They’re financially crippling us before we’ve learned how to manage money. They’re brainwashing many into thinking that their way is the only way. Unfortunately, they may not be wrong.

As long as the dated business world continues to view college degrees and high GPA’s (a.k.a. high compliance) as indicators of intelligence, colleges will continue to rack up money at the expense of young adults. Check out this commercial from Grads of Life that I absolutely love:

If that isn’t a perfect commercial for the modern day world, I don’t know what is. Who is someone to say that a college degree is more impressive than dealing with what that woman dealt with in her life? It’s only because a college degree and GPA can be measured while becoming more intelligent outside of it is harder to judge.

I may have strayed from my original point in this rant (sorry), but what I’m trying to say is that as college starts again and tuition bills are due, Proprietors shouldn’t stress it. For some, college is the place where they can discover their true passions, set a foundation of knowledge they can use in the workforce and create life-long friendships and if that’s you, I wish you all the best. However, there are a ton of entrepreneurs out there who aren’t interested in these kinds of things. We’re interested in starting our own businesses and living life our way. College doesn’t support that.

For me, I used college as a place to network with like-minded people and as a form of motivation through the way I struggled. Since I transferred twice, I’m entering my 11th and (hopefully) final semester and looking forward to graduating so that I can get a higher-paying job that can fund my business ventures. That’s all it is. I’m not graduating in hopes of getting a 9-5 that I can work for the foreseeable future. I’m an entrepreneur. I’m a Proprietor. That’s not how we roll.

I exerted absolute minimum effort in college. I’m just playing the game. As long as I get that piece of paper and employers think more highly of me than had I not received that piece of paper, I’ll have the funds needed to take the next step in all of my businesses.

Everyone is different and I understand that. College is essentially mandatory in this day and age which is sad but the reality unless you make it big before the age of 22. Find out how you can use college to get to where you want to be instead of allowing college to use you. Play the game until you’re ready to create your own.


The Owner of Proprietor Lifestyle, Steven is an entrepreneur from New York. He's in an abusive relationship with the New York Knicks and is always looking to connect with other like-minded millennials.

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