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How Patience Is Disconnecting Generations

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How Patience Is Disconnecting Generations

A well-known issue with younger generations in today’s world is patience. As millennials, many of us can’t seem to focus on anything for too long without getting frustrated or disinterested. When our food takes forever, we get annoyed. When we can’t understand a subject in school right away, we become frustrated. When a website or app takes too long to load, we X it out. We want everything done quickly and easily.

Older generations do not have this problem. Your grandparent can make a 30-second phone call into a 4-minute one and have no worries. It happened to me just the other day.

My grandma who I love dearly was at my house and called her neighbor to let her know that her car window was open because she forgot to mention it earlier. Her neighbor is elderly and doesn’t have caller ID. By the time she walked to her house phone, answered the phone and realized it was my grandma calling, a good 45 seconds were unnecessarily wasted. Then, they spent another three minutes on the phone talking about the open window and how it might rain later. Can you imagine spending almost four minutes on the phone with somebody just to let them know that their car window is open? Me neither. I’d just take 15 seconds out of my day and text them saying, “Your car window is open, it’s going to rain later so I’d close it if I were you,” and I would have done my job and saved three minutes.

All we know is how to get things done quickly. We know that if you’re debating someone about who averaged the most points in the NBA last year for example, you can easily just look it up on Google and figure out who’s right within 30 seconds. Older generations would continue to talk and figure it out through conversing. When we need to know how to get somewhere, we pull up Google Maps and within a minute be able to get to our destination turn-by-turn. Older generations would go off memory (see relevant article about memorization here) and may end up getting lost.

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The differences in how we go about our daily lives compared to older generations are transparent but that’s only the foundation of the disconnect. You know when you try explaining something to your parents or grandparents and they can’t understand it as fast as you can? It’s annoying, right? You know when your parents or grandparents try explaining something to you and you don’t understand it immediately? It’s annoying, right?

Getting things done quickly is all we know. The technology in this world has given us everything at our fingertips which is fascinating but scary at the same time. If we don’t learn to have patience in life, we won’t reach our full potential and will only lengthen the gap between generations. And that’s no way to make this world a better place.


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