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PSA: Memorization Is No Longer a Skill

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PSA: Memorization Is No Longer a Skill

In the year 2017, technology has made so many things in this world a whole lot easier. We can hail a taxi from a few taps on a screen. We can learn the score of a game played thousands of miles away by asking a lady named Siri in our pocket. We can sell $1,000 worth of video games by taking pictures and uploading them through an app. We can essentially find any information we’re looking for in a matter of seconds.

The difference in intelligence between wise people and uncreative people today is becoming more evident.

Once upon a time, school was the only way one could become “smarter” and learn new things. One would attend school to memorize formulas, facts, dates and theories as the “smarter” ones would memorize the most in the littlest amount of time. This is still how school is run in the year 2017. Of course, schools haven’t adjusted yet but it doesn’t seem like they’ve adjusted to anything since their conception.

When school first originated, there was no such thing as Google. There was no such thing as Microsoft Excel. There was no such thing as eBay. There was no such thing as WordPress. All of these technological advancements have made memorization a skill of the past.

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Don’t know when Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue? Google it. Don’t know how much you’ll make off your investment in one year if you buy 25 stocks? Plug it in to that Excel spreadsheet…that you found on Google. Don’t know how much a Derek Jeter rookie card sells for? Check eBay’s completed listings. Don’t know how to add a sidebar to your website? WordPress will do it for you.

Memorization is dead.

As long as you have access to the internet, you have access to the same information as everyone else on this planet. You can learn anything you want. It’s now become an issue of how you use that knowledge.

Example A, tour guides used to have to memorize every corner on every street. They used to have to memorize how to get from the World Trade Center to Wall Street with a dozen tourists following their every move. Now, you can just put Wall Street in Google Maps and get the shortest route there. Plus, Google will even tell you if there is a quicker way to your destination while you’re on the go. The best tour guides in 2017 no longer are the most knowledgeable about directions, they are now the most fun, best communicators and most outgoing.

The pendulum of success has swung from what you memorize to what you do with the information you have. Gone are the days where memorization is synonymous with knowledge. Here are the days that creativity and wit will bring you prosperity.

Think about the industry that you’re in and instead of trying to memorize everything, think about how you can use the information that’s so readily available to us to succeed.


The Owner of Proprietor Lifestyle, Steven is an entrepreneur from New York. He's in an abusive relationship with the New York Knicks and is always looking to connect with other like-minded millennials.

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