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Subway Riders Receive Mariana Trench Treatment from MTA

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Subway Riders Receive Mariana Trench Treatment from MTA

Stop us if you’ve heard this before but the MTA has made their riders’ lives a living hell. This time, geographically closer to hell than ever.

Commuters on the F train making their way home from work last night in Manhattan were stuck in a hot and dark car for almost an hour thanks to the MTA’s incompetence. According to Michael Sciaraffo on Facebook, the train car came to a halt in a tunnel and the lights turned off which the conductor described as “train traffic ahead of us.”


After thirty minutes of uncertainty, the trapped riders were told that the train was unable to move any further. With little to no elbow space, commuters tried remaining calm amid the uncomfortable surroundings.

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Another 15-20 minutes went by before the train was slowly pushed into the station but the nightmare didn’t end there. The train’s doors were stuck and the commuters waited approximately ten more minutes while people on the platform looked on.


In total, the New Yorkers who paid $2.75 to be packed into a subway car like sardines in a can spent around an hour in a dark, wet and tight environment with no choice but to deal with it. In just the latest episode of the MTA’s ineptitude, it doesn’t seem like they care about their riders’ safety and satisfaction with no improvements being made yet the price continually increasing.

It would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to descend to the bottom of the Mariana Trench like James Cameron did, but subway riders on Monday afternoon got a decent understanding of how it’d feel in a squished submarine down there.


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