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How to Survive the Loneliness of Entrepreneurship

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the loneliness of entrepreneurship

How to Survive the Loneliness of Entrepreneurship

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you’re an entrepreneur. Also, there’s a good chance that you’ve experienced loneliness in the world of entrepreneurship. Don’t fret, however, as you’re not alone.

We know what entrepreneurship entails: early mornings, late nights, missed events, lost friends. We’re forced to work during all hours of the day and night with no immediate promise of success. During these long hours, we’re usually by ourselves listening to music, podcasts or anything else that can give us some sense of unity as we grind towards our dreams.

Deep down, we want to be surrounded by people we care about all the time but we prioritize work over them so often. Let me make this straight, I’m not talking about going to the bar and getting drunk with random people. I’m talking about spending quality time with family and close friends watching Impractical Jokers, playing sports or just conversing like normal human beings. Unfortunately, none of this can be done while we work.

There are times where I have to take breaks and just interact with a human because staring at a computer for so many hours of the day can drive someone crazy. There are two ways that you can survive loneliness on your journey to financial freedom:

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1. Work With Others

This seems pretty obvious but it’s harder than it sounds. Not only do you have to find someone whose company you enjoy, but they have to help you reach your goals as well.

I’ve worked with friends at previous companies and when we actually did work together, it was so much more enjoyable than independent work. However, your acquaintances must also be just as focused as you or else it’s easy to become distracted.

This tactic of surviving loneliness works best with collaboration projects. If you’re doing some web development, someone else can’t help you add an About page or create a footer. Sure, they can give you some advice and direction but working on something like a podcast or a new product is more appropriate for this situation.

2. Love Yourself

Since it wouldn’t be convenient for me to closely work on my daily and weekly tasks at Proprietor Lifestyle with others, this is what I’ve resorted to. While you should love yourself no matter what job you have, it’s that much more important in entrepreneurship as every failure is on you.

If you’re self-conscious, pessimistic or shy, this may not be the tactic, or industry, for you. Entrepreneurs always have to be confident and fearless as it’s a prerequisite to success.

Can you imagine working by yourself for ten hours a day but hating the way you look, think or act? We have tons of time to reflect on things and sometimes have a tendency to over-analyze a situation. If you can’t be confident that you made the right decision or said the right thing, it’ll eat you alive.

I’ve accepted who I am and the decisions that I make. If I sometimes don’t like the person I’m becoming or some decisions that I’ve been making, I work on it. This usually entails reading self-help books like The Power of Now or The Secret. The psychology behind why you think about some things is fascinating and can only sharpen your decision-making going forward.

What tips or tricks do you have to share about surviving loneliness in entrepreneurship? Leave a comment below!


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