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The Understated Sacrifices of Entrepreneurship

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The Understated Sacrifices of Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are some of the most sacrificial people in the world.

Yeah, I said it.

Now that entrepreneurs have become somewhat mainstream, more know about our lifestyle and sacrifices than ever before. They know that we would rather work for ourselves than someone else. They know that it takes many late nights and early mornings. They know that once we reach our goals, it’s one hell of a life.

However, what many don’t know is what we sacrifice to get there. It’s not only what people see on the outside, but what we go through independently that makes this journey so grueling yet ultimately rewarding.

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There are plenty of times where entrepreneurs could take the easier, more pleasant route to happiness in the short term but we must have the discipline to keep our eyes on the long-term mission. I’ve personally experienced a ton of situations and scenarios where I’ve sacrificed a plethora of things in order to achieve my long-term goals.

In my sophomore year of college, I had a big decision to make: stay at a state school and pledge for a fraternity or transfer back home and focus on my career. As you probably guessed, I decided to transfer and have made tremendous strides in entrepreneurship.

What did I sacrifice? I sacrificed partying, women, social media followers, and a degree from a decent school. It may not be evident from listening to my story right away, but those are all things many would have caved in to for short-term happiness.

When I came back home, had another decision to make: work at a retail job near my house or get an internship in New York City. I ended up getting an engineering internship at 19 at a huge corporation which taught me so much about how enormous corporations operate.

What did I sacrifice? Friends, laughs, peace of mind, money and more sleep. I personally have heard so many stories from so many people about all the great times they’ve had at work, the friends they’ve made and how they “don’t do anything but still get paid.” Imagine trying to get some sleep so you can wake up fresh for the entrepreneur grind in the morning but you hear a group of people next door who met at work laughing and being happy? Yeah, it’s tough to stay disciplined sometimes…

Every weekend, I have yet another decision to make: go out and have fun or stay in and get a head start on next week’s work. The majority of the time, I choose the latter. Escapism is important but if you’re escaping too much, you’re actually escaping from nothing at all. Think about that for a second.

What did I sacrifice? Friends, laughs, women and drinks. I’m 23-years old. Most people my age are out every Friday and Saturday posting pictures and videos of their nights at the bar and clubs on Snapchat which is deemed the norm by society. Those are also the same 23-year olds that will be stuck at a dead end job, hating what they do for 5 days out of 7 every week.

Why are you telling us this? Let me make this clear, I’m not writing this to show how cool I am or to make an impression on anybody. Actually, it’s the complete opposite. I’m trying to show people who think they’re entrepreneurs or are considering journeying into the world of entrepreneurship how uncool it actually is.

Yeah, you see how great the results of entrepreneurship are on social media like crazy cars, bad women and enormous mansions but it doesn’t come without making sacrifice after sacrifice. It all adds up in the end.

Now that you know how many sacrifices you have to actually make, is entrepreneurship worth it for you? Let us know in the comment section below or on social media at @ProprietorLS.


The Owner of Proprietor Lifestyle, Steven is an entrepreneur from New York. He's in an abusive relationship with the New York Knicks and is always looking to connect with other like-minded millennials.

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