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how to use citi bike

How To Use NYC Citi Bikes

If you’ve walked 15 feet in New York City in the summer, you’ve seen someone riding one of those blue Citi Bikes. We’ll admit, we’ve always wanted to try it but didn’t know how and didn’t want to go up to one of the docks looking like an idiot.

So, to save you (and us) from being that person next time the desire to ride a bike is generated, we learned how to use one of these bikes and are now dispersing that knowledge to you.

Citi lays out the four steps to “a fun and affordable way to get around town” as follows:

Step 1: Join

Citi has three different plans that allow you to ride their bikes.

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The first plan is a day pass that costs $12 and is good for unlimited 30-minute rides in a 24-hour period. This is good if you want to bike to work for a day instead of being trapped under someone’s armpit on the 6 train.

Another option is a 3-day pass that costs $24 which includes unlimited 30-minute rides in a 72-hour period. Do you have inside information that the smelly armpit dude only takes the subway Monday-Wednesday? Well Citi made this plan for situations like this…or if you wanted to rent a bike for the weekend, but probably for the armpit situation.

Lastly, they offer an annual membership of $14.95 a year, or $163 for the year if you pay upfront. This gets you unlimited 45-minute rides and allows you to get away from the subway for good. We’re curious to know how many people subscribed to this service because there’s no shot these bikes are being used in January and February in the freezing cold let alone the snow.

Step 2: Unlock

Once you choose the right plan for you, the next step is to ‘unlock’. This is just Citi’s fancy way of saying, “find the nearest available bike.

So yeah, Citi, we’ll use your map to find the closest bike rack with available bikes. They show you how full each dock is too which is cool so you’ll know which docks have bikes and which docks are available for you to bring the bike back to.

Step 3: Ride

This entails sitting on the bicycle, pedaling and moving the handlebars all simultaneously.

Step 4: Return

Once you reach your destination or don’t feel like riding a bike anymore, you return it to an available dock. When returning Citi’s bicycles, don’t forget to wait for the green light to come on which means it’s locked in.

Also, if you purchased either the day pass or 3-day pass, don’t forget to lock your bike within 30 minutes or else you’ll be charged $4 for every 15 minutes you go over.

So that’s it. You pick a plan, choose your bike, ride the bike and finally return it to use Citi’s equipment. Doesn’t sound too hard, huh? For more information on Citi’s bike program, check out their website here.

Let us know in the comments below whether you’ve tried or if you’ll try it now that you know how to use it!


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