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Vinny Vetrone & Jeremy Garcia of Our Truth Co. Talk Unification, Partnerships & More

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Vinny Vetrone & Jeremy Garcia of Our Truth Co. Talk Unification, Partnerships & More

Two entrepreneurs in New York City’s backyard of Long Island have come up with a clothing company that promotes unification across communities. We spoke with Vinny Vetrone and Jeremy Garcia from Our Truth Co. about their journey thus far:

How did you enter the world of entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the foundation of our characters as it has been embedded in our minds since we were young. Our dreams of running our own company, working for ourselves and bringing quality and a substantial impact to our community was always something we felt we would not accomplish at a young age. It was not until the summer of 2017 where our long list of necessities aligned with our goals. It took a lot of individual growth and understanding of what we wanted to bring to the marketplace before we took on the great financial risk.

What is the vision behind Our Truth Co.?

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Our Truth is currently working on the unification of communities through the testimonial life experiences that our consumers endure. We are manufacturing clothes that represent a movement and our brand that will unify people through their stories.

How did you learn about manufacturing clothes and selling them?

Since high school, we have always thrown around ideas of starting our own clothing line as we both love new clothes, exclusive clothes and companies that make clothes that symbolize something bigger than just wearing a t-shirt. We created this idea and movement and reached out to people who have started clothing lines before to point us in the right direction. We diagrammed a plan and are constantly working and talking to people in order to make these plans come to fruition.

What has been the most difficult thing about working as partners and how have you been able to work it out?

Working together is nothing new. I have lived in Jeremy’s house, worked other jobs with him, went on vacations with him, went to school with him and have been his friend for years. The chemistry and cohesiveness we have together makes things not feel like work. But the biggest thing is this is our dream, our goal as one. So we hear one another’s ideas out and help each other build on them. We have a very open and trust-driven relationship so any issues or speed bumps get figured out on the spot. – VV

Working together as partners has been a breeze since we have the same mindset and goal. The foundation of this project is a way for us to reach communities and individuals seeking hope and outbreak from their life experiences. It is easy to work as a unit, communicate efficiently and operate effectively when our goals and expectations are aligned. – JG

What has been the most frustrating and rewarding aspect of entrepreneurship for you personally?

The only frustrating thing to me is the slow grind. As go-getters, we naturally want everything to take off right away, but we are grounded enough to understand that great things take time and lots of work. We have received a lot of great feedback but sometimes the process can be tedious. I’m taking 18 credits this semester and Jeremy works another job as well so balancing all that at times can be tricky but together we get it done. The rewarding feelings we get when the jobs get done are amazing. We look at one another and go, “We got it done! Now, what’s next?” – VV

The most frustrating thing thus far has been waking up every single morning and finding a way to put the time and effort into this company. On the surface, it’s easy to find nothing of substance to further progress this company day in and day out but after deep thought and studying, it is easy to also find ways that benefit the company. Late nights and early mornings go hand-in-hand in order to get this movement into the eyes and hands of the people that need it. It is because of that grind and mentality that this movement will not fail. The most rewarding aspect is the positive feedback and generous donations towards the dream. – JG

If you could give one piece of advice to other young entrepreneurs, what would it be?

One thing we have promised each other is to have a mentality that we will never settle and never get comfortable in our success. Always want more and go get it. Be yourself, be honest and be pure. People will either love it or hate it, both is fine, but as long as you are true to self, you will make it. Let the naysayers and haters talk, just use that to motivate you and drive you. Every hardship, pain and loss you have faced in life can be used to help you conquer. Lastly, keep an open mind. Never stop learning. Never stop growing mentally, physically, and spiritually. – VV

In general, always work on mental and physical health. Learn how to operate efficiently in life before taking on risks that will stress and impact you as individual. Always set goals, but do not forget to list the necessary actions that it will take for you to obtain and crush those goals. Game plans are huge and completely necessary in order to stay on track with your personal goals in life. Short term and long term are both key; revolve your life everyday about making yourself better and being successful. Every day when you wake up, physically remind yourself that today is yours for the taking. Be a savage! Surround yourself with people you can obtain wisdom from and learn from. – JG

Where can we learn more about your business?

Right now, we have the three main social media platforms covered. We’re on Instagram at @OurTruth.Co, Twitter at @OurTruth_Co, and Our Truth Co. on Facebook. We will be developing a website shortly and making a YouTube channel for vlogs, interviews and things of that nature so stay tuned to our social media for all updates on that.

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