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Why Weekends Are Crucial to Success

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Why Weekends Are Crucial to Success

There simply isn’t enough time in a day. We’re always looking for that extra hour, even that extra minute to accomplish what we need to accomplish.

It’s tough to create time during the week with all the obligations one has such as work, school and family responsibilities but there’s a specific time where we’re free to do what we want. You read the title of this article so you know it’s the weekend.

There are 2 things that the weekend gives us that we sometimes take for granted:

1. Time

The weekend allows us to get away from our commitments and focus on anything we’d like to focus on. Many focus on alcohol and partying. Many focus on video games. Many take the time to relax and watch 13 hours of Netflix. We focus on business.

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All those nights saying, “I’m going to stay in tonight,” eventually pay off. Those changes you made to your website will be the difference between a one-time visitor and a subscriber. Those designs you created for your next batch of t-shirts will go viral and you’ll be on your way. Those extra miles you ran at the gym will help you get the body you’ve been dreaming about.

We hate hearing people complain about not having the time to do something but then proceed to go out Friday and Saturday nights while recovering from their hangovers in the daytime.

2. Money

As much as we hate to admit it, money is a huge factor in almost everyone’s lives…for now. Going out and wasting valuable money on things you don’t love could cripple you financially down the road.

Seriously think about how much money you’d have to invest, to found a startup or to hire a worker if you only went out once a weekend instead of two. In New York City, a night out can run you anywhere from $75-$500. Let’s say you’re financially aware and go out every Friday and Saturday, spending around $150 a night, that’s over $15,000 a year down the tubes. Going out one night a week instead of two could put an extra $7,000 in your bank account every year.

Before we proceed, we want to make something clear. Escapism is important. If going out two nights a week gets you that peace of mind you need when running a business or making a life change, fine. If escaping your business for 5 hours every Saturday on the basketball court is what keeps you sane, go do it.

These tips are for people who complain about never having the time nor money to get their business off the ground. Our favorite “corporate thug motivator,” as Charlamagne Tha God referred to him, talks about work-life balance all the time and we couldn’t agree with him more. Content with your life as it is? Great, we just don’t want to hear you complain about not having the time or money when you’re wasting it on subjectively pointless things.

Next time you receive an invitation to a party, pickup basketball game or Xbox party chat, ask yourself if it’s worth it. If you’ve been putting in that work and need some time off then go right ahead, but if you’re behind your work and it’s a Friday night, this is your time to focus on you. Weigh the options that the weekend has given you and make the choice you know is right.


The Owner of Proprietor Lifestyle, Steven is an entrepreneur from New York. He's in an abusive relationship with the New York Knicks and is always looking to connect with other like-minded millennials.

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